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Y&X Beijing Technology Co., Ltd,is a professional metal mine beneficiation solution provider, with world-leading solutions for refractory beneficiation. Over the years, we have accumulated rich successful experience in the fields of copper, molybdenum, gold, silver, lead, zinc, nickel, magnesium, scheelite and other metal mines, rare metal mines such as cobalt, palladium, bismuth and other non-metal mines such as fluorite and phosphorus. And can provide customized beneficiation solutions according to the customer's ore properties and production conditions, including the most advanced beneficiation methods, the most efficient beneficiation reagents, to ensure maximum benefits for customers. Our company's products mainly include:   ** High-efficiency frother, its use effect is better than general frother such as terpineol oil and MIBC; ** High-efficiency collector, which can improve the metal recovery rate to a greater extent than traditional collectors; ** The pioneering depressant is a powerful tool for solving complex refractory beneficiation of high talc, high carbon and high fine mud. The special copper depressant provides a better solution for beneficiation operations such as copper and molybdenum separation; ** High-efficiency activators and regulators are also the cornerstone of our company to improve mineral processing indicators; ** Flocculant polyacrylamide for wastewater treatment, tailings treatment, coal washing, textile industry, etc.   What can i do for you?   1. Production and supply of flotation reagents 2. Provide mine with solutions of improving flotation index 3. Provide customized services for mines 4. Provide reagents samples for mine testing 5. Technical engineers provide mine site commissioning and support 6. Flotation reagent sample detection and matching 7. Ore sample inspection and analysis   Over the years since its establishment, the company has focused on the R&D, production and application of efficient and Eco-friendly beneficiation reagents, provide effective support for the construction of green mines; improve the efficiency of beneficiation reagents, thus improving the effective utilization of resources; Some of our new flotation reagents have enabled some mines which cannot normally produce products to achieve industrialized production, turning waste into treasure!    

Y&X Beijing Technology Co., Ltd.
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