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Why we strongly suggest our patented reagent?

June 17, 2021

Latest company case about Why we strongly suggest our patented reagent?

Why do we strongly suggest our patented reagent? Y&X patented reagent is specially for complex and hard beneficiation ores, which has several features as below:


First, good selectivity for sulfur.

Copper ore is generally associated with sulfur, and ordinary xanthate has poor selectivity for sulfur, so it is easy to collect sulfur and copper together, resulting in the decline of concentrate grade. The collector with good selectivity for sulfur can only collect copper, without sulfur, so the concentrate grade is very high.


Second, improving the recovery rate of precious metals in copper concentrate.

Copper is usually associated with gold and silver, that means, copper and precious metals should be collected and sulfur should be restrained. Ordinary xanthate has strong sulfur collecting ability, which will lead to low concentrate grade. At this time, our special reagent is a better choice.


Third, excellent collector for copper molybdenum mixed flotation.

In view of the molybdenum content in some copper ores, many inhibitors are usually used in the beneficiation process, so that will be difficult to separate molybdenum. Our inhibitor can ensure the recovery of copper and molybdenum.

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