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Hot Sale Product New Lime Sulphur YX500

June 19, 2021

Latest company news about Hot Sale Product New Lime Sulphur YX500

New Lime Sulphur YX500 is a new type of leaching reagent independently developed by our company. It is a series of high-tech products that can completely replace cyanide and achieve efficient leaching of gold. The gold leaching agent is suitable for a variety of gold-containing ore and materials and related leaching processes, mainly including: gold, silver oxide ore, primary ore, cyanide tailings, gold concentrate, roasting slag, anode mud, etc. Leaching, pool leaching, charcoal pulp, stirring leaching and other leaching processes.


It can directly replace cyanide to achieve efficient gold leaching without changing the original cyanide leaching process. At the same time, the product is equipped with a special leaching tailing slurry treatment agent, which can make the leaching tailing slurry reach national environmental protection emissions It is required to make the leaching tailings out of the scope of hazardous waste containing cyanide tailings and facilitate the safe production of enterprises.


Once on the market, this product is widely praised by customers, and can be used as the first choice for gold leaching process. The picture shows the export of YX500.

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