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Introducing Mining Collector YX3418A: The Effective Solution for Sulfide Ore Beneficiation

June 28, 2024

Latest company news about Introducing Mining Collector YX3418A: The Effective Solution for Sulfide Ore Beneficiation

Introducing Mining Collector YX3418A: The Effective Solution for Sulfide Ore Beneficiation


Collector YX3418A is an innovative and highly effective beneficiation agent designed to enhance the flotation process of various sulfide ores. This product boasts exceptional features and advantages that make it an ideal choice for mineral processing industries. Here, we delve into the key characteristics and benefits of YX3418A, highlighting its application across different ore types.


Key Features and Advantages of Collector YX3418A

High Active Substance Content: YX3418A contains over 90% active beneficiation substances, ensuring superior performance in ore processing.

Excellent Collecting Power: This collector exhibits strong collecting capabilities, significantly improving the enrichment ratio of metals.

Versatile Application Conditions: It performs effectively under both acidic and alkaline conditions, providing flexibility in various processing environments.

Weak Foaming Properties: YX3418A generates minimal foam, making it easier to manage during the flotation process.

Safe and Non-Hazardous: This product is non-hazardous, ensuring safe handling and usage.

Ease of Use: YX3418A is designed for ease of use, requiring no preparation before application. It should be added directly to the flotation process.

Cost-Effective and High Performance: YX3418A delivers almost the same process indicators as leading chemicals in the market but with added benefits. It is a cost-effective solution that maintains high performance standards while being safer to handle and use.

Flexible Utilization: This product can be utilized alone or in combination with xanthates, offering flexibility in optimizing flotation processes.


latest company news about Introducing Mining Collector YX3418A: The Effective Solution for Sulfide Ore Beneficiation  0


Applications of Collector YX3418A in Mineral Processing

YX3418A is specifically designed to enhance the recovery and grade of various sulfide ores, including copper sulfide, copper-zinc sulfide, lead-zinc sulfide, and copper-gold sulfide ores. Here’s how YX3418A works with each ore type:


Copper Sulfide and Copper-Zinc Sulfide Ores: YX3418A significantly improves the grade and recovery rate of copper concentrate. Its strong collecting power ensures higher yields of valuable metals.

Copper-Gold Sulfide Ores: When used in copper-gold sulfide ore flotation, YX3418A enhances the recovery rate of precious metals such as gold and silver, increasing the overall value of the extracted concentrate.

Lead-Zinc Sulfide Ores: In lead flotation, YX3418A demonstrates strong collecting power for lead, markedly improving lead recovery rates during the flotation process.



Collector YX3418A stands out as a powerful, versatile, and safe flotation chemical for the beneficiation of sulfide ores. Its ability to improve metal recovery rates, enhance concentrate grades, and operate effectively in diverse conditions makes it an good assistant for mineral processing industries. By choosing YX3418A, we can achieve ideal results and optimize our beneficiation processes efficiently.


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