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Introductory Guide to Excellent Performance Carbon Depressant

June 14, 2024

Latest company news about Introductory Guide to Excellent Performance Carbon  Depressant

What is Excellent Performance Carbon Depressant D486/D486S?

D486/D486S is a specialized carbon depressant developed independently by Y&X Beijing Technology Co., Ltd. This innovative product is designed to inhibit fine carbon minerals such as graphite, organic carbon, and free carbon. It finds widespread application in the flotation of nonferrous and precious metal ores, including copper, gold, copper-gold, lead-zinc, and others. D486/D486S serves as an effective alternative to Cytec 636/633.


latest company news about Introductory Guide to Excellent Performance Carbon  Depressant  0


Principles and Effects

D486/D486S operates by selectively targeting graphite, organic carbon, and free carbon. It renders the surfaces of these carbonaceous materials strongly hydrophilic. This prevents graphite or organic carbon from adsorbing reagents, competing for flotation, or covering and adsorbing on the surfaces of target minerals. Consequently, the target minerals can efficiently interact with collectors, leading to their effective recovery. This process enhances the concentrate grade and recovery rate of the target minerals while reducing the required amounts of collectors and frothers.


Detailed Information on D486/D486S

Packing Specifications

- Available in 25 kg bags or 750 kg bags.


Usage and Dosage

- The prepared solution concentration of D486/D486S should be less than 3%.

- It is added during the flotation process, typically at the mixing barrel, flotation tank, or ball mill.

- Recommended dosage ranges from 50 to 1000 grams per ton of raw ore.


Preparation Method

1. Add water to the mixing bucket and start stirring.

2. Slowly add the agent to the water, ensuring it disperses fully.

3. Stir for 1-2 hours until the agent is completely dissolved in the water.


Benefits of D486/D486S in Flotation

Separating graphite and organic carbon from sulfide minerals poses significant challenges due to graphite's high floatability and low hardness. Traditional processes involving decarbonization followed by flotation often result in the loss of target minerals, complications in tailings water reuse, and high operational costs.


D486/D486S offers a solution by selectively inhibiting graphite and organic carbon. This allows for the direct flotation of target minerals without the need for pre-decarbonization.


The benefits include:

- Prevention of mineral loss.

- Simplified reuse of tailings water.

- Improved recovery rates and concentrate grades.

- Reduced reagent consumption.


In summary, D486/D486S is an advanced depressant that significantly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the flotation process for nonferrous and precious metal ores, providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional methods.

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