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What are the copper flotation collectors?

July 1, 2022

Latest company news about What are the copper flotation collectors?

Xanthate is the most important collector in copper sulfide flotation and can be used in combination with other selective collectors. Butyl xanthate has high surface activity, and ethyl xanthate has good selectivity. When butyl xanthate and ethyl xanthate are used in combination as mixed collectors, the technical index grade and recovery rate obtained are kept at a high level. . Black medicine is the second most important collector of sulfide ores. In production practice, black medicine has a weaker ability to collect sulfide ores and a slower flotation rate. In contrast, black medicine is more selective for iron sulfide minerals than xanthate.

A third important class of collectors are thiocarbamates. Thiocarbamate has higher selectivity and stability than xanthate and black drug, but it is generally considered that it is not enough for strong collection of copper sulfide minerals. The selectivity of thiocarbamates for iron sulfide minerals is higher than that of xanthate and nigra. In the flotation of polymetallic sulfide ores, methylthiocarbamate has a very effective collection performance for copper and zinc minerals.

In the flotation of a copper sulfide ore, ethyl xanthate and amyl xanthate are used in combination. Under the same dosage of chemicals, the grade of copper concentrate is basically unchanged, and the copper recovery rate is 3% higher than that of using one of the collectors alone. In the combination of terpene dithiol and butyl xanthate, 50% of xanthate can be saved by flotation of disseminated copper sulfide ore. In production, the combination of xanthate and black medicine can be used as a collector of copper, which has obvious effects on improving the recovery rate of useful minerals, reducing the dosage of flotation agents, reducing the cost of beneficiation, and even reducing or replacing toxic chemicals.

What are the latest special effect collectors for copper mine flotation?

Other common collectors, such as: xanthate formate can be mixed in acidic and neutral pulp for flotation of sulfide minerals; mercaptobenzothiazole can float gold-bearing ores in acidic medium or in neutral medium It is mixed with other collectors to flotate sulfide minerals; mercaptans and disulfides are sometimes used as auxiliary collectors to enhance the hydrophobicity of mineral surfaces. Dithiophosphite has stronger collecting ability than black medicine, and can sometimes replace xanthate, but with better selectivity; trithiocarbonate has stronger collecting ability than xanthate, and its neutral The amount used in the pulp is lower than that of xanthate. When the copper grade of the raw ore is above 2.0%, the use of ester-105 collector and terpineol oil foaming agent can achieve a good copper-sulfur separation effect.

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